What are membranes? Why could it be important to know about them and to take action to keep them fit?

Our body is composed of membranes. Each cell has a wall called membrane, actually a double membrane.

Inside the cells there are 10 times more membrane structures and most life actions take place at the membrane.

So why care about it?

Medicine assumes that the membranes function properly.

It is not known and thought of that membranes can suffer insults and that they can get weak and leaky and ill and non functional.

What makes the membranes ill?

Toxic attacks of neurotoxins like heavy metals destroy brain cells and body cells alike.

Chemicals like solvents dissolve fatty structures like membranes.

Mold toxins like Aflatoxin in peanut butter are carcinogenic (list of carcinogenic substances: link einfügen) as well as lots of chemicals and heavy metals and disturb membrane function.

Quantum leap jump diagnostic tool: epigenetic DNA adduct tests.

Is it possible to recover membranes?

Yes. Membrane structure and composition depends on the good things you eat and take AND depends on the things you avoid contact with.

It is like balancing accounts. If you get enough high quality membrane reconstructing substances into your system and stay away from the aggressive villains you regain health on a cellular membrane level.

What is needed?

First you need food for your cells and membranes. They are mainly built out of protein and lipids. You need protein with all amino acids in your daily nutrition which can be of animal or vegetarian sources.

Then you need these beautiful oils and fats that are building parts of the puzzle of phospholipids.

Take one tablespoon of a 4:1 ratio balanced essential fatty acid oil three times a day with your meal and you have a very good first step to membrane maintenance.

To get rid of the toxic stuff you need heavier help in the form of the wondrous phospholipids themselves.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) in combination with the other family members of phospholipids as a syrup helps to groom out toxins and establish strong and powerful mitochondria powerhouses (ATP production) and cell walls.


  • organ-, brain-, cell regeneration
  • sturdy energy production
  • strong and radiant cell structures
  • best ageing
  • longevity
  • health maintenance
  • recovery from toxic burden and damage