Meinrad Milz

Meinrad Milz


Dr. Meinrad Milz grew up in a family with a long tradition over generations in the field of medicine. His father worked as a medical doctor and three of his brothers are engaged in different specialties of medicine.

  • 1977 – 1979: Meinrad began his academic studies of pharmacy at Würzburg University
  • 1979 – 1984: medical school at the Universities of Hamburg, Innsbruck (Austria), Würzburg and Basel (Switzerland).
  • 1984 – 1989: assistant doctor in internal medicine, training in naturalpath medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, neuraltherapy, working with his father in his clinic for general medicine.
  • 1989 – 1990: travelling around the world attending medical seminars and training in holistic oncolgy, with Gaston Naessons (Montreal), Josef Issels (Germany), Bernie Sigl (Boston).
  • 1990 – 1998: worked as assistant medical director at the cancer hopital, Veramed Klinik in Meschede, Medical director Dr. Michael Kalden, Germany. The hospital integrated traditional oncology with immunoligical and holistic approaches to cancer and chronic diseases.
  • 1994 – 2005: training with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks Ph. D. and Dr. Gay Hendricks Ph. D. in body centered therapies, body mind training, and conscious relationships, coaching individuals and couples.
Katrin Bieber

Katrin Bieber


Dr. Katrin Bieber was born into a family of four, all of whom became medical doctors. Being the youngest in the family, Katrin decided to follow her sibllings into the medical field.

  • 1981 – 1987: Katrin attended medical school at Ulm University in Ulm, Germany. During this time she took additional courses in natural healingmethods which include: acupuncture, nutrition, neuraltherapy, ozone therapy, immunology, herbal treatments and supplementation.
  • 1987 – 1989: assistant doctor at clinic Dr. W. Wurster in Kisslegg, general health care, pediatrics, and traditional chinese medicine. Clinic Dr. Barbara Graef in Hohenpeissenberg, family practioner. Clinic Dr. Gerda Gerz-Baunz in Munich, natural medicine.
  • 1989 – 1990: travelled around the world attending medical seminars and receiving additional training from prestigious collegues like Bill Rea (Dallas), Gaston Naessons (Montreal), Bernie Sigl (Boston).
  • 1990 – 1992: worked at Veramed Klinik in Meschede, Germany, a clinic which specialized in cancer treatment. This clinic implemented traditional, natural and immune therapies.
  • 1993 – 2005: Training with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt , Dr. Patricia Kane Ph.D. included detoxification of heavy metals, testing interference fields, biochemistry, nutrition and blood test analyses. Training with Gay Hendricks Ph. D. and Katie Hendricks Ph.D.: Intensive body-mind training, conscious relationships, conscious loving and living, coaching individuals and couples.


1998 – present: Katrin and her husband Dr. Meinrad Milz opened a private clinic in Bad Grönenbach using their extensive education in a wide variety of medical modalaties. Katrin and Meinrad treat chronic diseases, oncological diseases, neurotoxicity with traditional medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, neuraltherapy, ozone therapy, herbal treatments, supplementatiuon, hyperthermia, colonics and comprehensive intravenous treatments as well as one to one coaching sessions. The practice prides themselves on treating patients on a n individual basis, no one patient is the same. This includes patients that did not find a home in traditional medicine.

Our mutual competencies

  1. Individual nutrition counselling
  2. Detoxication/regeneration
  3. Exhaustion/burn-out
  4. Individual and couple counselling for a conscious lifestyle
  5. Seminar themes on conscious lifestyle:
    – breathing
    – life’s path, visioning
    – conscious relationships and partnerships

Our treatment range

  • Chronic disceases
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Cancer diseases: information, treatment
  • Chronisch toxic exposure
  • Allergic diseases