The story of the Villa Thal

  • 1874 - Meinrad Milz purchases the estate of the Thaler Hof

    The self-employed cheese maker Meinrad Milz, born 1850 in Engenberg/Heimenkirch in Allgäu, relocated his cheese production from Altusried to Bad Grönenbach/Thal, which at the same time marked the rise of his enterprise.

    He introduced into Allgäu a special breed of dairy cows from Switzerland and Vorarlberg/Austria. They were known for their high-quality milk, which is a fundamental prerequisite of successful dairy farming. This made it possible for him to produce cheese with guaranteed fat content of highest quality, the so-called Milz-Cheese. Meinrad then opened up numerous cheese factories, which made him to one of the three main cheese-makers in the Allgäu region.  Cheese from the Allgäu became famous beyond its borders. Not only was it transported to Berlin and Sachsen but even as far as North- and South-America, including Brazil.

  • 1900 - “Villa Thal” a stately home and headquarters of the cheese-making empire Milz

    Meinrad´s deep admiration for Venetian architecture led him to employ master-builders from Venice who built this grand villa in Venetian style amidst the fields of Allgäu. He had the villa built for his son Philip, who was in the vanguard of dairy farming and agriculture in Allgäu at the beginning of the 20th century. Meinrad Milz died in an accident at the age of 53. His son Philip continued the family business of agriculture and cheese-making throughout the difficult times of World War I and II. At the end of World War II Philip´s firstborn son, Meinrad Milz, became his successor and managed the company successfully through all its ups and downs until 1968.