Clearing toxins is complex due to the lipid soluble nature of toxins. Toxins are oriented to the cell membrane and organelle architecture.

Epigenetic toxicity testing contains a deeper access and look into our cells. It Is possible to assess the activity of detoxifying enzymes such as Cytochrome P 450, Superoxiddismutase (SOD), Glutathion-S-Transferase and many more. A wide range of chemicals can adduct to DNA. In many instances the DNA-adducts (endogenous or exogenous chemical effects on DNA) findings fit the clinical picture and may open a route to effective treatment, it is much easier to deal with a toxic chemical if one knows the identity. Another important area of diagnostic investigation concerns the ATP metabolism as a measurement of energy provision of our cells metabolism.

The treatment strategy is to address the accumulation of toxins on the nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, cellular membranes and proteins, aberrant lipids and immune complexes with oral or intravenous lipids, methylation and sulfation support.

Diagnostic of acute infections and chronic diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites

We generate a statistical based analysis of an individual’s standard blood chemistry test result as well as we identify related dietary modifications needed to improve the individual’s overall health. We diagnose deficiencies and dysbalances and determine need for individual micronutrients.

In 1997 the knowledge has been made accessible in form of a database. The base analysis is a blood test analysis during which prevalent laboratory parameters are entered into the database system and then cross-referenced. This system can identify deficiencies in general, dysbalance and even toxic stress conditions. A therapist quickly learns how to assess the various body systems such as protein supply, fat metabolism, electrolyte and renal and liver functions.

The database analysis provides the therapist with substitution proposals with cofactors such as vitamins and mineral nutrients and substrates such as oils and proteins which result in a personalized nutrient regime for the individual patient.

Fatty Acid test assesses the balance of fatty acids in the body’s erythrocyte cell in order to determine the effects of toxicity within the cells. The actual analytics are performed at the Kennedy Krieger Research Laboratory, John Hopkins Academic Medical Center, Baltimore, USA.

The apparatuses developed by Kennedy Krieger Institute provide the most accurate analyses and enable research on peroxisomal diseases such as adrenoleukodys-trophy. This illness is caused by special long-chain fatty acids that accumulate in the body.

Today, discussions are focused on mitochondrial diseases such as CFS. The exact quantitative test results are recorded in a database system on the basis of which the therapist receives a clear, comprehensible report.

Firstly, the report shows whether too many long-chain fatty acids have accumulated in the body, for example. Secondly, the therapist can see whether sufficient structure fats are at all available and whether precursors of myelin sheaths are existent. Thirdly, all intermediate metabolic steps of the essential fatty acids Omega3 and Omega6 are listed, enabling the therapist to draw conclusions on an under- or oversupply or metabolic problems.

Like the blood test analysis, the report provides the therapist with suggestions for a therapeutical regime and detailed nutrition recommendations.

A microbiological stool analysis is carried out in order to examine the functional efficiency of the intestinal flora, gall bladder and pancreas.

The intestine represents our largest area of contact with the environment. With a surface of 400 to 500 m², it is colonized by 1015 bacteria that pertain to our body’s own intestinal flora. The major portion of the so-called bowel-associated immune system is located in the intestines. A microbiological stool analysis is carried out in order to examine the functional efficiency of the intestinal flora, gall bladder and pancreas.

Neurostress: the cause of physical, psychic and mental disorders. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers which are responsible for transferring information between the nerve cells in the brain and entire body.

They affect the muscles, blood vessels and the generation of hormones. Even our mental condition, our sleep, the way in which we handle pain are all governed and influenced by neurotransmitters. Our mood, memory, advertency, motivation and learning ability depend on the interaction of neurotransmitters.

Stress hormones are messengers which effect the assimilation reactions of the body when it is exposed to stress. During stress, depressive mood fluctuations, competitive sports or sensory overload stress hormones are released from the adrenal gland. In our body, cortisol, adrenalin, noradrenalin, dopamine and serotonin have stimulating and inhibitive functions. A laboratory analysis is carried out by means of urine and saliva swab tests. The treatment is implemented by administering natural precursors of the neurotransmitters, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The immune system is a pre-requisite for confronting viruses, bacteria and allergens and it supports the human body in defending itself against tumours.

Oncogenes that build cancer cells are often released through internal and external influences. The immune system should normally detect these cancer cells. Our immune system is made up of a humoral and a cellular arm. The two arms work together reciprocally and can be diagnosed. Extensive immuno diagnostics should be made prior to commencing an immunotherapy. A special blood analysis can reveal deficiencies in the immune system which can be treated specifically with immunity stimulating medication.

  • Intelligent use of body own electromagnetic fields – diagnostic and treatment – for bacterial, viral, inflammatory and degenerative diseases
  • Reorganisation of cell frequencies in

    • metabolic deficiency
    • toxic loads, muscular and skeletal strains
    • inflammatory processes and infectious diseases

The principle of operation of the Vital Field Technology is its regulating influence based on electromagnetic fields, biological rhythms and biological impulses.

It is the individual fingerprint of a person.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is used as an effective regenerating and detoxifying substance. In connection with specific substances such as glutathione, micronutrients and individual nutrition, highly effective intravenous and oral treatment protocols are the result. In our medical centre, we apply individual treatment protocols in combination with biological and immunological methods.

70 to 100 trillions of cells build up the organs, nerves, vessels and brain. All cells have a cell wall consisting of a double membrane. In terms of weight, various types of phospholipids constitute half of the membranes, and proteins or large protein molecules the other half. Inside the cells there are ten times as many membrane structures again which envelope cell organelles such as mitochondria or cell nucleus with endoplasmatic reticulum (ER) and so on.

Most metabolic reactions occur at the phospholipid double membranes. They are dependent on the correct composition of the double membranes. If the cell membrane is healthily sound the enzyme reactions function well (citrate cycle, respiration chain in the mitochondrion, transcription of DNA sequences and protein synthesis in the ER). If the cell membrane is impaired the function of the enzyme reactions suffers as a result.
Damage can evolve from any lipophilic toxins such as heavy metals, any solvents and petrochemical derivates, bacteria toxins, parasite toxins, free radicals or oxidative and nitrosative stress. Excessive proinflammatory cytokines and messengers also cause damage to the cells.

Since 60% of the brain dry matter is composed of lipids it is easy to understand why the so-called neurotoxins attack the brain and nerves in particular.

The phospholipids, phosphatidylcholin (PC), play a particularly important role in the regeneration and detoxification. Alongside three other phospholipids, the percentage to which PC is involved in forming the outer cell membrane layer is 50%. It is the marker of a youthful and healthy sound cell. When the concentration of PC diminishes due to age or disease and phosphatidylserin pops up from the inner casing by means of a “flippase”, this is a sign for the body to clear the affected cell (the so-called apoptosis or programmed cellular death). This leads to a premature reduction or impairment of brain and nerve cells. Owing to the fat-soluble properties of neurotoxins lipid-based therapies are required in order to divert the neurotoxins.

Phosphatidylcholine, or PC, is a substance on which extensive research has been done and which has been used in Germany for curing toxic liver damage and hypercholesterinaemia for decades.

Being our main detoxifying organ, the liver is exposed to harmful substances in particular. The liver, brain and nerves, joints, muscles and in fact all tissues can regenerate effectively with PC.

The healthier the composition of the cell membranes is, the better the detoxifying performance of the cell, liver and gall bladder, and the better the expulsion of the toxins out of the body.

Neurotoxins such as heavy metals, in addition to bacteria toxins and other toxic and xenogenic substances, are extracted from the predominantly adipose brain and organs. At the same time, an effective regenerative therapy is carried out that is aligned to the individual condition of the respective patient.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is used as an effective regenerating and detoxifying substance. In connection with specific substances such as glutathione, micronutrients and individual nutrition, highly effective intravenous and oral treatment protocols are the result.

In our medical centre, we apply individual treatment protocols in combination with biological and immunological methods.

The micronutrient or orthomolecular therapy involves specific dosing of vitamins, minerals and ultratrace elements.

Supplementation is both necessary and advisable for all chronic disorders, neurotoxic pressure, stress, state of exhaustion and excessive pressure.

For Detoxification and mineralizing the body 5-10% salt water is used.

The treatment applications under medical control are performed with salt water up to 93,2 F.

The form of diet we recommend to our patients encompasses the following aspects:

  • support of the cell membrane,
  • achievement of a constant normally low insulin level
  • dietary fiber
  • secondary plant ingredients
  • alkaline balance

Colon hydrotherapy is an alternative to colon purification and sanitation. A sick colon is frequently the cause of symptoms such as loss of vitality, fatigue, depressions, deficiency in concentration, etc.

Furthermore, chronic diseases such as rheumatism, polyarthritis, allergies and other major illnesses are enhanced by an unhealthy colon. The colon is our largest immune organ and it can only function with a reasonable composition of symbiotic bacteria flora. Large sections of the civilized population suffer from intestinal dysbacteria, ostipation and secondary low immunity.

A sound colon is the foundation for a sound body. Hence, major attention must be focussed on the purification of the colon. The colon hydrotherapy effectively removes any stool and putrefactive substances from the colon septum. This natural cleaning process positively affects the symbiosis in the flora of the colon. After the cleaning process, regenerative bioactive substances are instilled for the liver, gall bladder and intestine. Correctly applied, the colon hydrotherapy is exempt from adverse effects.

Colon Sanitation

Colon Hydro Therapy + symbiosis control = Colon Sanitation

Molecular stool testing (PCR) show

  • the diversity of the microbial cells (aerobic and anerobic bacteria)
  • digestive residues ( fats, nitrogen, sugars)
  • digestive performance (pancreas, bile acids)
  • integrity and permeability of intestinal mucosa
  • gut associated immune system (secretory IgA)

Probiotics and specific gut bacterial products (FMT) are possible options for restoring human intestinal gut flora.

The objective of manual therapy is to adjust dysbalances in the body.

Objectives: The aim is to restore physiological mobility to any disturbed or constricted tissue and to reintegrate it in the whole system.

In this way, the individual function units of the body are restabilized as a whole. To reach this objective, manual therapy must recognize and treat the cause, not the symptoms of any disturbance. The treatment focuses on the person, not the illness.

Oxygen is our number one elixir of life. Healthy body cells need oxygen to produce energy. Lack of energy leads to higher fatigue and inactivity. In our medical centre, our oxygen therapy is carried out by means of inhalation and our ozone therapy by applying autohaemotherapy.

Energy is generated by supplying all cells with oxygen. By inhaling or mixing the blood with neutral, slightly ionized or even ozonised oxygen the cellular respiration is activated and energy is gained.

During oxygen therapy the patient inhales highly concentrated oxygen over a period of approximately 15 – 20 minutes while exposed to physical stress (e.g. ergometer training). The physical stress causes an increase in the tissue blood circulation, thus improving the oxygen exchange function at cellular level.

The body defences are activated by the so-called ozone autohaemotherapy. During the classical ozone autohaemotherapy a blood sample of approximately 200ml is taken from the patient. This sample is then aerated with approximately 200-3000µg of oxygen and ozone (O3).

Pain therapy, neural therapy: treating interference fields by injecting procaine is well established and very effective.

Accupuncture and light therapy is also used for interference field treatment.

Active conscious breathing techniques produce cell vitality, rebalance stressed emotional dynamics, expand brain clarity and rebalance body functions.

Hypoxia training (IHHT): triggered through controlled lack of oxygen (hypoxia) body cells like mitochondria increase efficency. Documented by medical research.

Medical hypnosis session lead to better communication and awareness of body, mind and soul.

The mistletoe therapy has a long tradition. Its effectiveness has been proved in numerous studies.

Mistletoe extracts induce an enhancement of the body’s defences, an improvement in the life quality of patients suffering from tumor diseases, a reduction in pain, a repression of the tumor growth (depending on the dosage), a stabilisation of the DNA during chemotherapy and a prolongation of the time of survival. Isolated mistellectin compounds or standardised mistletoe extracts are applied. The therapy is adapted to the individual requirements of the patient.

The spleen is the largest organ within the lymphatic system and is jointly responsible for a properly functioning immune system. The distribution of messangers and hormones is regulated by the spleen; exhausted endocrine glands are stimulated by splenic peptides.

The spleen both stores important blood corpuscles and blood plates that are vital for blood coagulation and destroys used corpuscles. Additionally, the spleen regulates the release of messengers and hormones. Splenic peptides reach their targeted organs through the bloodstream and lymphatic system and stimulate feminine and masculine sexual hormones. Splenic peptides support the immune system during the production of vital defence cells, the “immunological memory”. After an operation on patients with severe diseases the body is not capable of producing enough defence cells. In conjunction with thymus peptides, splenic peptides increase the body’s defence cells.

Holistic cancer approach

Modern cancer treatment is the synthesis of universitary medicine and appropriate complementary methods. A diagnostic investigation and mainstream medicine are indispensable to begin with.

Biological medicine can heal certain types of tumors and illness stages in addition. Conventional methods are extended by biological and immunological methods such as mistletoe, thymus, vitamin, enzyme and mineral nutrient therapies.
The classical fever therapy, modern hyperthermia methods,individual nutrition and physical exercise recommendations are absolutely indispensable. The association between body and mind allows more sense in life. A change in consciousness is required in order to support the healing process.