Colon hydrotherapy is an alternative to colon purification and sanitation. A sick colon is frequently the cause of symptoms such as loss of vitality, fatigue, depressions, deficiency in concentration, etc.

Furthermore, chronic diseases such as rheumatism, polyarthritis, allergies and other major illnesses are enhanced by an unhealthy colon. The colon is our largest immune organ and it can only function with a reasonable composition of symbiotic bacteria flora. Large sections of the civilized population suffer from intestinal dysbacteria, ostipation and secondary low immunity.

A sound colon is the foundation for a sound body. Hence, major attention must be focussed on the purification of the colon. The colon hydrotherapy effectively removes any stool and putrefactive substances from the colon septum. This natural cleaning process positively affects the symbiosis in the flora of the colon. After the cleaning process, regenerative bioactive substances are instilled for the liver, gall bladder and intestine. Correctly applied, the colon hydrotherapy is exempt from adverse effects.

Colon Sanitation

Colon Hydro Therapy + symbiosis control = Colon Sanitation