Oxygen is our number one elixir of life. Healthy body cells need oxygen to produce energy. Lack of energy leads to higher fatigue and inactivity. In our medical centre, our oxygen therapy is carried out by means of inhalation and our ozone therapy by applying autohaemotherapy.

Energy is generated by supplying all cells with oxygen. By inhaling or mixing the blood with neutral, slightly ionized or even ozonised oxygen the cellular respiration is activated and energy is gained.

During oxygen therapy the patient inhales highly concentrated oxygen over a period of approximately 15 – 20 minutes while exposed to physical stress (e.g. ergometer training). The physical stress causes an increase in the tissue blood circulation, thus improving the oxygen exchange function at cellular level.

The body defences are activated by the so-called ozone autohaemotherapy. During the classical ozone autohaemotherapy a blood sample of approximately 200ml is taken from the patient. This sample is then aerated with approximately 200-3000µg of oxygen and ozone (O3).